Needleman lab members come from diverse backgrounds to work together to study biological self-organizing. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can learn and grow.

Please contact Dan directly about interest in joining the lab, and reach out to any lab members about specific projects, research at Harvard, or with other questions! (You can access our emails by clicking on each lab member's name.)

Easun Arunachalam

Easun Arunachalam

Graduate student (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Research Area: cellular energetics
Outreach: Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair

Mustafa Basaran

Mustafa Basaran

Graduate student (Applied Physics)
Research Area: the spindle

Frank Costanzo

Administrative coordinator

Gloria Ha

Gloria Ha

Graduate student (Systems, Synthetic, and Quantitative Biology)
Research Area: the spindle
Outreach: HPREP


Bill Ireland

Postdoctoral fellow (Applied Physics)
Research Area: cellular energetics

Colm Kelleher

Colm Kelleher (personal website)
Postdoctoral fellow (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Research Area: the spindle, pre-implantation embryo development
Outreach: TED-Ed; science writing; BioBus; SoftBites; MathForAmerica

Daniel Needleman

Principal investigator (Applied Physics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University and Center for Computational Biology, Flatiron Institute)
Outreach: Lab tours, lectures, workshops, recruitment

Michael O'Brien

Michael O'Brien(Github)

Graduate student (Physics)
Research Area: the spindle


Yash Rana

Graduate student (Applied Physics)
Research Area: cellular energetics


Yong Hyun Song

Postdoctoral fellow (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Research Area: cellular energetics, pre-implantation embryo development


Maya Waarts

Graduate student (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Research Area: the spindle

Hai-Yin Wu

Postdoctoral fellow (Molecular and Cellular Biology)
Reseach Area: the spindle

Helen Yang

Helen Yang

Graduate student (Biophysics)
Research Area: pre-implantation embryo development



Maya Anjur-Dietrich, Graduate Student
Jan Brugues, Postdoctoral Fellow
Liz Cam, Undergraduate Student
Will Conway, Graduate Student
Manqi Deng, Research Fellow
Reza Farhadifar, Postdoctoral Fellow
Peter Foster, Graduate Student
Sebastian Fürthauer, Postdoctoral Fellow
Yang Gao, Undergraduate Student
Timur Gatanov, Graduate Student
Sebastian Gonzalez La Corte, Undergraduate Student
Olenka Jain, Undergraduate Student
Bryan Kaye, Graduate Student
Noah Langowitz, Graduate Student
Kylie Ray Lee, Undergraduate Student
Brian Leahy, Postdoctoral Fellow
Bez Lemma, Graduate Student
Daniyar Nurgaliev, Graduate Student
Doogie Oh, Postdoctoral Fellow
Tim Sanchez, Postdoctoral Fellow
Younes Sherkat, Undergraduate Student
Jose Soto, Undergraduate Student
Marta Venturas, Graduate Student
Xingbo Yang, Postdoctoral Fellow
Tae Yeon Yoo, Graduate Student
Che-Hang Yu, Graduate Student

Lab Visitors

Leslie Beh
Tim Campion
Sitara Chapman
Philip Kang
Gunar Fabig
Basak Gonen
Soichi Hirokawa
Nilay Kuşcu
Tarjinder Sing

Olivia Stiehl